Frequently Asked Questions

How can we contact you? - Easiest way is by email. Feel free to contact me on or and let me see if I can help you (or learn from you). Just remember to check your spam folder in case my reply is hiding there.

Can we meet you? - Maybe. If you are in Bangalore we could probably meet easily. For other places it would be nice if you can arrange a private jet or a helicopter.

Why are your articles free? - Occasionally, some readers ask why my articles are free and some even enquire if they can pay for using them for personal or commercial use. Well, the answer is I am happy to share them free without any strings attached as they are not rocket science anyway. Besides, one should never have any desire for mere paper money and must always be prepared to lead a life of virtuous poverty.

However, if you are a giving kind then I am an accepting kind. So if you have any excess wealth stashed away in Swiss bank accounts, spare jewels, precious gems, Spanish gold bars, priceless paintings, rare dinosaur bones, asteroid pieces, unused Rolls-Royces, private jets, luxury ships, or even an exotic island or kingdom somewhere, feel free to donate them to me along with all applicable taxes. Such humble gifts can nudge me to scribble more mild and wild articles and books that could be of use to someone, somewhere on our lonely planet.

How did you become a writer? - Badly written engineering textbooks was my key motivator. Due to this, I started making my own notes for difficult engineering subjects by referring to many sources. My first book was a small laboratory manual for personal use as the market books were not suitable for my lab equipment. Years later, I started writing small funny articles for my company newsletter and then slowly moved to full books.

Will you review my manuscript? - Doubtful. I don't review manuscripts and most authors don't do that for valid reasons. First, if they did for one then they may have to do for many others. Second, it's not possible or practical to review all types of manuscripts. Also, it's quite difficult to tell someone that their book or idea is not good from my perspective. Third reason is legal. Authors may get sued for plagiarism as someone, someday may accuse me saying I stole ideas from them for a book that I have written, or may write in the future.

Do you accept book ideas? - No, and the reasons are similar as above. Besides, all authors should invent their own ideas and stories for fiction. For non-fiction, they should only study the concepts and then write in their own words.

Where do you get your ideas? - They keep coming from everyone, everywhere and everything. But very few ideas have the potential to expand into an entire book.

I want to publish a book. Can you guide me? - Yes, I can help you become a published author. See my coaching page - Coaching

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