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Personal Development Magazine is a unique and delightful magazine to be read, retained, remembered, and re-read. Each magazine carries a bunch of sparkling articles on Personal Development, Mental Health, Workplace Leadership, Technology, Inspiration & Motivation, Writing & Publishing, Humor & Satire, etc.

The text font is optimized for easy reading on all Android & Apple devices, Amazon App, Kindle Reader, or your Web Browser. This means you don't have to constantly pinch and zoom to read the contents on your devices.

Simplicity is the hallmark of this wisdom treasure chest. Unlike the hordes of dazzling magazines you see in the newsstands the contents here are eye and eReader friendly, and not crowded with complex cosmetics, awesome advertisements, great graphics, etc., that can distract or irritate your eyes.

Like a basket of delicious healthy fruits each issue can dramatically transform your personal and professional life. Think of this magazine as your electronic personal coach who can make you superior to the rest of the crowd. Give it a try. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Magazine varies in cover and information from month to month.

Note - The Indian edition is a low-cost Black and White paperback.

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