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FAQs for Submission

I want to submit articles to your magazine. Will you accept it?

Yes, but as long as the article is related to personal development topics. It would also be good if you have your own web-site, blog, etc., for readers to contact you.

What kind of articles do you accept?

Your articles must be related to self-improvement, stress management, leadership, management, writing, publishing, life skills, personal finance, technology, and so on. It must help the reader learn something useful for their life skills. Also, your article must be your own creation and not copied from anywhere or fully AI generated. Also, it must not have been published online elsewhere. All images used must cite sources and must be free for personal and commercial usage. I can also consider publishing articles, drawings, and paintings done by your kids. This is to encourage them to start reading books and magazines instead of thinking that their computers, smartphones, and tablets are only for playing games and chatting.

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Do you pay for articles?

Not yet. This is still a new magazine and to pay you my circulation must improve. But I will provide a password protected PDF copy of the magazine if I include your article in this magazine.

I have other questions

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