How to make an Eye Friendly Website

Want to know why the text on this site is easy and pleasant to read? That's because of the following simple tricks.

1. The font used for the body text is Verdana, which is a computer screen friendly font that reduces your eye strain. The body text is of 16 points and the headings are of 24 points.

2. The page backgrounds used are light ash, cream, or sepia color that gives a soft contrast.

3. The paragraph line spacing is double spaced. The line width is not too wide and contains only 12 to 16 words per line on an average. The body text is only at the center of the monitor screen with blank space on the left and right. This makes it easier for you to focus on the content.

4. The pages are not crowded with advertisements, pop-ups, graphics, etc., that cause distraction or irritate your eyes.

5. The above combination makes web pages very pleasant and reduces eye strain. So, feel free to use such combinations on your blogs and websites. Remember, if your website text is not readable, then readers will simply close and move to other sites regardless of the great information in your site.

Article Author - Thejendra Sreenivas

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