Top Secret Business Humor
The Immaculate Worthless Collection

Genre: Fiction-Business Humor

Book Description

The modern workplace environment has always been a source of comedy from decades, but very few people are willing to openly admit it. Many executives think humor and laughter are unproductive, unprofessional, and being serious and gloomy is the only way to spend their work life. This is why most modern workplaces have become extremely humorless, artificial and stressful. But we don't have to be humorless to run a business. Actually, the ability to laugh at yourself and your work are the qualities of great and successful leaders. Having a sense of humor can lighten up difficult situations and creatively solve many personal and business problems. You must be able to think in atrocious, ridiculous, and illogical terms. Modern management consultants call this 'thinking out of the box', but I call it old fashioned creativity and humor that has existed from centuries.

Top Secret Business Humor is a collection of witty satire related to corporate stuff like processes, performance, change, strategy, customer satisfaction, meetings, quality, and other workplace dramas we endure for several hours a day. This book is all about imagining the creative and wackier side of working in an office to rejuvenate and brighten your day. The chapters are all fictitious and can be taken with a pinch of salt, though the paper used may not be edible. The author makes no representations or warranties of any kind with respect to the accuracy, usability or usefulness of the contents. So get serious about injecting some humor in your life.

Don't laugh, this is serious stuff. This is how the business world really works !!!


This book is hilarious! . This book made me laugh out loud, and that's saying a lot. I especially liked the Resume of a Terrorist. The author sheds some very humorous light on corporate life. - By Daniel Murphy ( Florida, United States)

A Techo with a sense of humor? Surely an oxymoron? Thejendra!! Can you come and join our technical team?? We are desperate for someone with your sense of the absurd to lighten up our day!! With your tongue firmly lodged in your cheek, your delightful "Corporate Wardrobe" pokes fun at the IT industry and all its 'quirky' idiosyncrasies that plague us mere 'end-users' daily - nay hourly!! Just the book to have by your PC while waiting for the machine to reboot, the application to be downloaded or the Help Desk to get back to you!! - By Barbara (Australia)

Top Secret Business Humor - Indeed! . A copy of BS Thejendra's book is a touch of whimsy that should be on the desk of every office employee as an antidote to combat the stress created in the wild and wacky world of business and industry. Through his marvelous sense of humor, Thejendra details the pitfalls of the workplace that can bring a smile to the face of a frustrated hireling because, as a voice of experience, the "Tej" has obviously "been there and done that" himself. Otherwise, how could he fashion a literary piece with such biting satire? - By Bobbie Hart O'Neill (Yuma, AZ USA)


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