Big Money!
Top Secret Guide to the Stock Market Circus

Genre: Non Fiction - Finance and Investing

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‘Ladies and Gentlemen! Do you have some money to invest? Do you want to grow from rags to riches in the shortest possible time? Do you want to become an expert in many subjects and global events? Do you want to quit your boring job and still live happily? Do you.…’

 ‘Yes! Yes! Quick, tell me what I need to do.’

 ‘Simple. Just start investing in the stock market and start rolling in wealth and great global knowledge. There is big money in it, buddy!’

 ‘What? Don’t be silly! I have heard people go bankrupt in the stock market. Such activities are only for people with great financial brains.’

‘No, you are mistaken. Anyone can become a millionaire in the stock market. But you need to learn some mysterious secrets if you want to dabble in stocks.’

 ‘Really? Can you tell me what those secrets are?’

 ‘Well, I am not going to reveal them easily. I have discovered those great secrets through meticulous research from many years.’

 ‘Oh, come on! Tell me what those secrets are. Look, I will even share my profits with you. I promise!’

‘Well, since you insist I will reveal them. But don’t tell anyone, okay?’


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Kindle Edition
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