The Extreme Minimalist
Discovering the Joys of Minimalism and Frugality

Genre: Non Fiction - Stress and Lifestyle

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‘Hey, look at my new super smart phone.’

‘Looks great. How much did you pay for it?’

 ‘Only $750 after discount. Original price is $900, and I also got a year’s worth of music videos for free. Why don’t you also buy one?’

‘Sorry, not interested.’

‘But you can easily afford one, can’t you?’

‘Of course, I can.’

‘Then why can’t you buy it? All your friends will envy you.’

‘Perhaps, but I have decided to become a minimalist.’

‘Minimalist? What’s that? Some fancy name for stinginess?’

‘No, it is something better than that.’

‘Hah, so what next? Cold showers in the winter?’


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