We Never Would Have Guessed!
Modern Discoveries That Your Grandma Already Knew

Genre: Non Fiction - Research & Satire

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‘Have you noticed the exemplary work being done by some of our scientists and researchers around the world these days?’

‘Do you mean the great advances in curing cancer and other diseases?’

‘No, I am not referring to cancer research or the cure for baldness. I am talking about other kinds of spectacular discoveries by our modern experts and scientists nowadays.’

‘What spectacular discoveries are you talking about?’

‘Scan any general newspaper or website and you will definitely find an article about some glorious research or discovery every second day.’

‘I am not sure what glorious researches and discoveries you are referring to. But tell me.’

‘Well, I am not going to reveal them easily. But you never would have guessed that a meticulous research was required to unravel those earth shattering truths at the cost of tax payers money.’

‘Come on! Tell me what those discoveries are.’

‘Well, since you insist I will reveal them. But don’t tell anyone, okay?’


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