The Mirage Peddlers
How to Become an Advertising Guru

Genre: Non Fiction - Consumerism - Humor

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Ladies and Gentlemen! Are you bored with your dull and monotonous job? Do you feel you are wasting your life away? Do you dream of becoming creative and make a terrific impact on everyone? Do you want to make millions of people run away from their living rooms every few minutes? Do you want to know the secret to infiltrate the sub conscious mind of customers? Do you want to blatantly tell great lies and get away with it? Do you want to sell snow to Eskimos or sand to desert dwellers? Then look no further. Just become an advertising guru and switch on your full creative potential.

Enter the mysterious word of advertising and get a job so unique that it requires no age limitations, tough trainings, or mental and physical qualifications. Prove your relatives, teachers and friends who would constantly accuse you of being brainless wrong. Sounds great, isnít it? Everything you wanted to know about how to become a great advertising guru, but didnít know whom to ask is available right here in this book. It contains the most comprehensive specifications and doís & doníts for every aspiring advertiser. So, let us get started. 


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