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True story of the author chatting with a mysterious higher power - Believe it or not

The Cosmic Machiavelli
A Mild & Wild Chat with the Brilliant Celestial Mechanic

Genre: Non-Fiction-Spirituality

Book Description

Have you ever blamed or criticized God for something bad that happened to you? Do you feel like confronting and taking Him to task for all the rubbish that is happening around? Are you baffled by the collective silence of our benevolent gods from all the rival religions? If yes, then look no further.

All the answers you need is available right here in this awesome book. Enlighten yourself with the Technical, Political and Business justifications of our Creator for everything of everything like saints, savages, atheists, wars, diseases, religious headaches, corruption, natural calamities, business failures, media maniacs, ethnic cleansing, recessions, silent gods, terrorism, racism, crime, politics, lies and 1001 other problems you see worldwide daily.

Become a Buddha and discover the mysterious secret behind his supreme serenity.

Never blame poor God again!!!

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From the Back Cover

Have you ever seriously wondered why our planet is oozing and dripping with diseases, terrorism, racism, wars, crime, politics, business headaches, and 1001 other problems? Or why famous businesses suddenly take a nosedive from riches to rags? And are you baffled by the unexplained collective silence of the benevolent Gods from all our rival religions? If it is a big YES, then don't waste time seeking answers from any reputed experts, enlightened professors, top economists, or by reading their superb bestsellers. And also avoid those eminent Nobel laureates, Pulitzer Prize winners, top economists, eloquent politicians or any influential world leaders, in case you accidentally bump into them. They will only make your doubts worse with their spellbinding theories. However, if you are desperate to clear your nagging doubts then you should ask the Cosmic Machiavelli because,

1. He is the only brilliant person in the entire universe who knows the correct reasons for the chaos and problems on earth, and also why our world’s movers and shakers can do nothing about it.

2. He is the dream teacher you were eagerly waiting for since childhood who can effortlessly explain why that dullest kid in your kindergarten is now a successful millionaire, while that smartest kid is now in prison.

3. He has also scribbled a few books, none of which have won any popular literary awards. And without even a website, blog or an email id, he has more fans, friends and followers than every blogger on the entire World Wide Web.

4. He is the only guy who can enlighten you with the technical, political, and business justifications for the eternal dance of feast-famine, merry-mayhem, good-bad, peace-chaos, wealth-poverty, etc., around us.

5. Finally, without even a formal authority he can bring anyone down to their knees, regardless of geographical boundaries, political clout, diplomatic immunity or muscle power.

Want to know who that marvelous person is? Just flip the pages.


Hi Thejendra - Your work is bright and intelligent. I enjoyed reading the sample and I enjoy your wit. - Sincerely. - by Randy Peyser - AUTHOR ONE STOP.


Dear Thejendra, I have gone through your book on God, and I think you have done a very wonderful job in bringing out this book, which is not only humorous, does not make one feel bored, is very rational in approach, and honestly speaking very useful and practical. I bless you with more such ventures and success in the coming years and pray to the Almighty to bless you with more and more success to enable you to service society better, and make society realize that the Universe cannot exist without the grace of a supremely powerful intelligent stuff called God. - by Guruji Sachidananda Babu - Internationally acclaimed Astrology and Vastu consultant - -


Dear Mr. Thejendra,
I am a Professor in Institute of Management in Mumbai, having worked for 27 years in the Corporate world. Have published six books so far, the latest being "Don't Read This Book".
Picked up your God book for its provocative title and curiosity-arousing front cover photograph. I must say that I enjoyed reading it thoroughly. It's written in beautiful English, touching heights of profundity at several places. (At times, I did feel that God was talking through you!!) Particularly pages 252 and 253 were very revealing, where you mention the lies that we live with in this world - gosh, never imagined that!
Thank you for a wonderful experience.....I will share your book with several friends..
warm regards,
Prof. Arun Patil


Dear Thejendra - I have not read it all but will carry on. I loved your short pitch it grabbed me and your long pitch truly enticed me to read on. Original storyline so far and very well crafted. I love the flow and I am really getting a true appreciation of Science fiction. This is especially with regard to writers such as yourself. I am aspiring to write, you have honed a natural talent CONGRATS - by Denise McDermott-King - Authonomy Author


Dear Thejendra, I love your "God" book :) - I laughed at #1 "the buck stops here" - what an amazing humor you have. :) The disclaimer was excellent. :) Your pitch made me want to read your story & I just kept on reading. :) Your tight dialogue & paragraphs made for a very quick read. :) I just love your humor. :) Might I add, "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes on Him shall not perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16 :) Hope you'll write many more books on God. :) by Susie Q - Authonomy Author


Mr. Human meets God on a bus and travels, with a touch of humor, on a philosophical path to discover the mysteries of love, hate, life, death, war, peace and the past, present and future of the Universe. Tej, this is a great book. - Bobbie Hart O Neill


The Cosmic Machiavelli: A Mild & Wild Chat with the Brilliant Celestial Mechanic was an unusual read for me. I am more of a suspense and mystery reader, but was up for a different book to read. I have been recently been on the edge about a lot of religious issues and I thought it might be interesting to read this book.

The Cosmic Machiavelli, written by Thejendra B.S., was originally published under the title of God is No Angel in 2011 and re-released under this title in 2012. I have to first start off by saying that this book will not be for everyone. It takes conventional western religious thinking and turns it on its head. The Cosmic Machiavelli is one man’s option of God’s answers to our eternal questions. The book is laid out as a one-on-one conversation between an author who is having a bad case of writers block and God, in the form of an old man. The entire conversation takes place on a bus during god’s 6 hour vacation, which he gets every 10 years.

This book touches on a lot of subjects, but some that are discussed are creation, evolution, jobs, violence, earthly disasters, heaven and hell, religion in general, and even touches on aliens. Now, I am not going to give all the answers away, but I have to say some them are worth thinking about. I thought a few times during reading the book, “Hmmm, I wonder if that is really how that really works?”

Now, even with that being said, I would still only give this book a 2 out of 4 rating. I was unable to stay focused on this book. I found my mind wandering a lot, so I had to re-read portions of this book over again. I also thought that the “God” in the book was very repetitive and would never give a straight answer. There were long comparisons that I thought were unnecessary. One or maybe two comparisons would have been more than enough. The back and forth between the man and God got very hard to follow from time to time. God also seemed to contradict himself A LOT, “yes and no” was the answer to a lot of questions.
In the end I had to remember that this was just one guy’s option of how he thought life’s questions should be answered by a higher being. Finally, the last chapter was the most informative… and the most true!

Review from Online Book Club -


Ever wonder what an informal chat with God would be like? Wonder no more. The entire book is one long conversation with God. Or, rather, with one of the gods, the one who created our world in a fit of boredom. It’s a bit of polytheistic silliness and creationary imagination, meant not to be taken seriously but to give us a sideways glimpse at our own human silliness.

God just isn’t what you think he’s like. He’s quirky, sarcastic, and frustratingly uncooperative. When asked if humans “evolved from monkeys,” (I’m going to let that one slide!) God spins a more incredible tale instead. God worries little about historical accuracy, pointing out in another place that any lie “this convincing” has to be true. God is prideful while pretending to be indifferent, demanding while pretending to relinquish control, and often quite offensive. If you get through the book without being offended somewhere along the way, you’re not normal. For me, the offense came when God trots out the line about how he made Adam for Eve and not for Steve. “It’s simply not in the standard manufacturing design for a human being to go haywire and run after their own gender.” Not that I’m letting God off the hook, but he is a bit old-fashioned in other ways as well, including his taste in music and art.

The writing suffers from some stylistic oddities (the characters do not sigh, they say “sigh”) and the need for an editor, but the imagination displayed kept me reading. I did feel a little frustrated that there is no picture of the author. I looked multiple times. It’s just that this sort of book is more enjoyable if you imagine yourself listening to a friend tell about his dream, after eating too much pepperoni the night before. But in this case I couldn’t even imagine what my friend looks like! Male or female, I still don’t know. Ten or a hundred years old or bookish or beautiful or burly or all three. Maybe that’s the point—we humans are all equally silly in our stupidity.

Review from The Dubious Disciple -


This certainly is a wacky book and it has in it issues with which I resonate and others with which I do not. The idea of a conversation with God has been done before, but this God is anthropomorphized to a much greater degree, using modern language and colloquialisms that make him, to me, completely unbelievable. I should say I have never read Neale Donald Walsch. In fact, I found God as depicted here really irritating. Others might read this, however, and find it helps them to think more clearly about their behaviour and the codes by which they live their lives, if they have any codes that is.

At times the author is obviously consciously speaking `tongue-in-cheek'; at other times I feel he doesn't realize he's doing it and those times are more illuminating. The author is pointing up some of the ludicrous and harmful things we do - without thought or care - and there are many of us who engage in this behaviour for so much of the time. So in this respect the book is useful if it makes us think about these things..

The idea that God pulls the strings to make everything happen is a cop-out and, of course, one that so many people buy into to release them from responsibility for anything they do that is harmful, insulting or negative in any way.

But the final points in the book are the only real nuggets I took from it - about the way we treat the planet. These, and many other things, are what we should really be thinking about and, more importantly, acting on. If you take nothing else from this book, this will make it worth reading. It's a question really of whether you can wade through the rest of it, with that irritating God, in order to reach that point!

This is not a book for those who are already on their spiritual path; it is too elementary and simplistic but it could help those who haven't yet set out because it is written at a level that they might take a lot from without even realizing it.

Amazon review by Dr. Howard Jones

Additional Book Information

GOD, the very mention of this word evokes feelings like awe, respect, happiness, trust, cynicism, mystery, and even terror in the hearts of many mortals. But almost everyone thinks it is fabulous to be a God. That is because we earthlings grow up with spellbinding stories of his great miracles, benevolence, magical powers, etc. And every believer vehemently argues that God has infinite power, unlimited wealth and can do anything. After all if one has such supreme powers and immortality it must be a breeze to do just about anything. But is it really so? Is being a God really such a fascinating job? And if he is such a superstar why is he not solving all the world’s problems and chaos? Why is the bad winning and the good losing? Why is he always sitting quietly and never responding to our pitiful cries? What is preventing him from solving the world’s mess? Why don’t we experience any great divine stuff in our daily lives? Why is he not bothered by hotshot rationalists, scientists, and atheists who go high pitched with their tiresome prattle on why God should be viciously attacked and banned? Our heated questions like these can be endless. However, all our sophisticated questions and arguments are one sided because we never get to hear his side of the story.

Now imagine meeting a candid, tech-savvy God who explains his supreme difficulties and dilemmas in running our complex universe? What if he told you why he does what he does? Wouldn’t that be exciting? In this highly unconventional book a bored writer accidentally meets a jovial God and engages in a wild, no holds barred conversation. Starting with a casual chat, and interspersed with friendly fights, illogical answers and harebrained comparisons, the discussion soon enters a feverish pitch and God argues that the earth cannot be managed any better that what he is currently doing. And that he is neither an angel nor a bad guy after all. Filled with believable lies, timeless wisdom and hard hitting answers this fascinating book explains why God’s actions don’t fit human logic and rationality irrespective of the religions humans follow, why the earth is already perfect in an imperfect way, why he indulges in Machiavellian* methods, why he has no hesitation in crushing business giants and helping individuals, and why he loves atheists in spite of what they do, etc., in a funny, serious and thought provoking way.

This book will completely change the way you will view the world henceforth as it will enlighten you with the political and techno-business justifications for the eternal dance of feast-famine, merry-mayhem, good-bad, peace-chaos, wealth-poverty, etc., around us. Finally, you will be able to easily understand the mild and wild ways of our fellow humans like presidents, prime ministers, politicians, arms dealers, war mongers, detectives, anti-terrorism agencies, atheists, rationalists, scientists, terrorists, mafia dons, etc., and also to understand who is making them do what they do.
In short, this book contains the frank and never before released answers to all our heated questions about God. Or in other words – HIS SIDE OF THE STORY. And a must read for anyone who is curious or angry about God’s irrational ways of managing earth without diving into traditional spirituality.

*Who was Machiavelli?

 Niccolò Machiavelli (1469–1527), was an Italian political philosopher, musician, poet and comedy playwright. He is best remembered for his famous book – The Prince, which describes the mild and wild methods by which a Prince (a ruler) can gain and maintain political power. Today, the word Machiavelli or Machiavellian has many meanings like pragmatism, manipulation, ruthlessness, cunning, deception, etc. However, the most seasoned business leaders and politicians agree that Machiavelli has only defined the natural laws of power that exist in and around us.