Intuition - Your Invisible Guardian Angel

A famous police officer was once asked by an interviewer how he was able to crack several murder cases that appeared impossible to solve with the limited evidence available. To everyoneís surprise, he replied that he himself did not know how, because he often relied on his hunches or intuition for cases that could not be solved through straightforward methods or plain logic. A general dictionary defines intuition in many ways like, ĎThe act or faculty of knowing or sensing without the use of rational processes, a sense of something not evident or deducible, an instinctive knowing, a power beyond the five human senses or rationality, a special unexplained human power, and so oní Itís derived from the Latin word Intueri, which means Ďto see within.í Throughout history, and in every country, many police officers have solved countless unsolvable criminal cases using intuition, and none of them can explain how. Itís a way of knowing or sensing the truth without logical explanations. Actually, every human being is born with the ability of intuition. Practically, everyone would have definitely experienced many situations where a mysterious voice inside their brain warns them about someone or something. In layman terms, itís a tiny voice inside that keeps advising, warning and suggesting us of many things in a mysterious way. Something inside advices you to do (or not do) something. You cannot assign a rational logical explanation for it, but you can sense it, feel it and experience an overwhelming force to listen to it. That tiny voice that only you can hear is called intuition. Given below are a few things you need to know about intuition.

1. Intuition doesnít speak to us in a clear language. It communicates with us through omens, feelings, and emotions. However, as we grow older and become rational logic seekers we lose touch with our intuition. We start insulting it, refuse to accept it and often become cynical about it. And thousands of people over the ages have constantly tried to debunk its existence, or desperately try to prove it wrong and argue endlessly about its existence. But, like it or not and believe it or not, intuition exists and itís your invisible guardian angel. Intuition is beyond your five senses. But you cannot demand its service whenever you want. And you cannot switch it on and off at will like your mouth or eyes. It remains a mysterious force that works when we least expect it.

2. Each one of us is a mysterious and magnificent machine. Behind our normal physical existence there lies a vast untapped world that we are not fully aware. There are countless incredible skills and powers that we have but donít know and never use. For example, experiments with hypnosis have shown that itís possible to remember just about anything that happened in our life. Things that are impossible to remember under normal circumstances have come out through hypnosis. Countless murder cases have been solved by police officers and doctors based on gut feelings when those cases were outwardly appearing as natural deaths. All this knowledge and power is possible only with the help of intuition.

3. In many cases, intuition gives us an answer to a problem that itís impossible for us to get when we are awake. For example, one of the most revolutionary findings in organic chemistry was the discovery of the structure of the Benzene molecule. The scientist, Friedrich Kekule, worked for years to discover the atomic structure of benzene without success. But, one night he dreamed of many snakes circling together and forming a ring of six snakes chasing each others' tails. When he awoke he correctly interpreted the snake hexagon as the elusive structure of the benzene ring. When he awoke he got the answer, which was the shape of a hexagon as the elusive structure of the benzene ring. The snake seizing its own tail gave Kekule the circular structure idea he needed to solve the Benzene problem. Similarly, there are thousands of such documented examples of intuition giving us answers. For example, there are cases on record of people who have dreamed of disasters such as the Chernobyl nuclear accident or kings getting assassinated months in advance.

4. You must learn to listen to your inner voice, trust your hunches and pay careful attention to certain dreams. Intuition often works through dreams and can offer solutions and advance warnings to problems that you may face in the future. Many a time, a strong recurring dream is an indication that something is going to happen or impact you shortly, which surprisingly will turn out to be true. For example, it has been said that Abraham Lincoln was actually able to predict his assassination many days in advance. 

Finally, we can conclude this chapter with a great quote from Albert Einstein who said, ĎThe intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, and the solution comes to you, and you donít know how or why.í

Article Author - Thejendra B.S

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